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REPORT ON OriginClear (OOIL). Dated 7/29/2015


Department of Energy Report on Fuel Cells.


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Inside the Gigafactory That Will Decide Tesla’s Fate.

OriginClear Successfully Treats Disaster Cleanup Water (Video).

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Will Flux Power (FLUX) $0.10 Return to Its Old High Near $2.00 ?



Flux Power (Symbol: FLUX). Innovation for Today and Tomorrow.



Though lithium is the battery chemistry of the foreseeable future, chemistry alone is insufficient to address the demands of the EV and energy storage markets. Battery solutions require proper management and monitoring to yield long shelf life and cycle life.

Flux Power is an innovator in providing lithium energy storage solutions to several markets including wind, solar, and backup power. At Flux Power, lithium energy solutions go beyond the cell; we create intelligent Battery Management System Modules (BMSM), Battery Control Modules (BCM), and smart chargers, with included energy monitoring/display solutions (EMS) that make advanced batteries the storage solution for today and tomorrow.

As the advanced energy storage industry evolves chemistries to improve energy density, length of life, safety and cost, Flux’s solutions remain compatible with and adaptable to these future technologies. When compared to unmanaged energy storage solutions, Flux’s BMSM systems enable up to five times the cycle life, which equates to thousands of charge/discharge cycles or years of use. That saves money and boosts return on investment.

Our ruggedized products are the perfect choice for any high-performance multi-cell battery system that requires peak performance, reliability, peace of mind, safety, and fast charge-back times. Flux Power’s proven time-to-market (TTM) lithium solutions are highly competitive and enable OEMs and individual customers to move quickly.






"Powered by the wind and sun, It'll never happen !"




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